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Equity, inclusion and racism have been the topics of heated debate in our homes, classrooms, workplaces and media. We have HEARD so much about these issues, but have we really THOUGHT about or DEALT with them? No matter where we stand concerning these very important issues, the reality is that we can't ignore them. If we as a society are going to aspire to the heights of fairness and equity that we should, then we must be proactive in our approach to these important topics and to truly be proactive, we must be informed, we must gain insight, we must endeavor to be enlightened.

Rhymes Consulting Services was founded 20 years ago with the desire to be an integral part in the informing and aiding of individuals, organizations and institutions in being more culturally proficient. Since 1990 we have become a premier human relations and cultural proficiency consulting company. Our client list is reflective of our vast and diverse society, as we have conducted trainings and presentations for schools and universities, corporations and small businesses, police departments, professional sports, community and youth organizations, human/social services and faith-based organizations and churches.

View our website and decide whether Rhymes Consulting Services is the company that can help you with your organization's or group's cultural proficiency needs. We hope, we believe and we are confident that we are!

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